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GPRS Terminal

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GMS’s offers a range of GPRS terminals enables the owner to receive payments via debit card and credit card anywhere in the country weather you are in the highland of Scotland or bodmin more, we can connect your business to receive payments. This range of terminals is very popular in the service sector, takeaway sector, event management sector, delivery and logistic, market stalls etc.


  • Fast

V.34 modem standard, IP downloads as fast as 2 minutes

  • Adaptable

Full multi-application

  • Easy-to-use 

Help menus, IP diagnostics, single user interface and development toolkit

  • Secure 

Meets all security standards - creates merchant retention

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Mobile and Desktop Application

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GMS live is an Online Application which will give you access to GMS Online Web application. This Application will give you 24/7 access to all your transactional information. Our online Portal will show you exactly the type and amount of each transaction. This unique software is extremely user-friendly and gives full visibility on transactions, charges, all the way up to settlement allowing you to reconcile your books with great ease. GMS Live App will also give you access to your prepaid card in the event you do choose to take one from us. This will give you a full breakdown of your transactions just like any online bank account. (Further explained below) free period of 12 weeks for merchants.

  • 24/7 visibility to all your chip & pin transactions. 
  • 24/7 visibility to all your GMS Debit card transactions. 
  • 24/7 visibility to all your GMS Club Card Transactions. 
  • 24/7 visibility to all your e-Commerce transactions.
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GMS Prepaid Debit Card


GMS are introducing a prepaid card as a means of settling your cleared funds into. If you suffer from CCJ, poor credit rating or may have been made bankrupt previously, you may be in a position of not being able to open up a business bank account. In such event, keeping our customers at the forefront of our minds, GMS have launched a prepaid card which can be used to settle your cleared funds.

  • £1000.00 withdrawal per day any time. 
  • Unlimited chip and pin transactions 
  • This prepaid card is connected to our software providing you your online statement at your figure tips all in one place. 
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GMS Club Card

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What our clients say?

Glorydale Master Merchant Service arranged a terminal for my business, they offered me very low rates and capped them for the duration of the contract.
The switchover was easy and I started noticing the savings straight away.

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We just opened our business and needed a terminal desperately. Glorydale Master Merchant Service delivered it to me Next Day.

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Glorydale Master Merchant service helped me cut my chip & pin costs by almost 40%

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