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How can card acceptance grow your business?

Find out what the benefits could be for you.

Although your business banking provider may offer card acceptance services as part of a broad range of services, many small businesses and start ups don’t realise they are free to choose an alternative merchant service provider. GMS is a global specialist in electronic payments. We offer simple and reliable payment solutions to customers ranging from high street shops to major brands.


We can enable you to accept a range of payment types simply, securely and reliably whether you do business in-store, by phone, or online. Speak to our dedicated UK payments experts today to discuss the best way to accept cards for your business.

Our Terminals Looking to take online payments? We can set up a secure payment system for your business website in just 72 hours. All of our website payment packages include a merchant account,payment gateway and customisable payment page. The payment system comes with the latest security protection and can connect to almost every major shopping cart on the market.
e-Commerce Being an e-commerce merchant in the United Kingdom is no easy feat. High street banks make it difficult for you to get reliable merchant services. They may hold your money for unreasonable lengths of time or perhaps they may never respond to your original inquiry. At GMS we will provide you with an alternative credit card processing solution—one where you will always receive your payouts on time, every time! Stop fussing over banks that do not return your calls and start working with a merchant service provider that is determined to help your online business succeed.
Card Processing GMS specialise in providing fast and affordable card machines for small and medium businesses. Our range of card machines includes the latest countertop, portable and mobile card payment terminals. If you need help deciding, our experts can advise on the best card machine for your business and give you a free quote on our service within minutes.
Swap Out Swap Out is a fantastic feature of one of our services as GMS can provide you with a replacement terminal within 24 hours if you report your terminal not working. In a busy business environment, accidents happen all the time. In the event of a terminal dropping and locking or an accidental spillage took place, having this option will give you the benefit and peace of mind that another terminal with your name on it will be with you in a matter of hours. This feature is invaluable for business men and women. Swap out will carry a charge between £1.99 to £3.99 on a weekly basis.
Help Desk This great service is provided to our merchants by GMS as our UK based call center are all well trained and are happy to help you with any query you may have. As GMS provides you with a pay as you go service, having helpdesk gives our merchant a point of contact for any issues in the event if one may present itself. This gives great surety as they will always be someone on the other end of the phone. Helpdesk will carry a charge between £1.99 to £3.99 on a weekly basis.
Web and Mobile Application GMS live is an Online Application which will give you access to GMS Online Web application. This Application will give you 24/7 access to all your transactional information. Our online Portal will show you exactly the type and amount of each transaction. This unique software is extremely user-friendly and gives full visibility on transactions, charges, all the way up to settlement allowing you to reconcile your books with great ease. GMS Live App will also give you access to your prepaid card in the event you do choose to take one from us.
GMS Prepaid Debit Card GMS have launched a prepaid card which can be used to settle your cleared funds into.

If you suffer from CCJ, poor credit rating or may have been made bankrupt previously, you may be in a position of not being able to open up a business bank account. In such event, keeping our customers at the forefront of our minds.

Benefits of GMS Cash Card
£1000.00 withdrawal per day any time.
Unlimited chip and pin transactions
This prepaid card is connected to our online application providing you your online statement at your figure tips all in one place.

Chip and Pin Terminals


GMS’s range of WiFi terminals enables the mechant to take debit card and credit card payments from anywhere in the merchants premises. This range of terminals are perfect for most industries especially within the hospitality, catering and retail sector.
GPRS Terminal


Take Payments on the Move with GPRS Card Terminals Not every business operates from one stationary location. If your business is always on the move, then you need a card payment terminal that can keep up with your needs. Take payments anywhere you can get a mobile phone signal (Our GPRS Terminals covers all 4 major networks)
Process transactions quickly and efficiently.
GPRS Card Terminals Empower Mobile Businesses.


  • Quick set up.
  • Accept payments by major credit and debit cards quickly and easily.
  • Expertise and advice to help you get the most from card acceptance.
  • Flexible product and pricing options.
  • Products compliant with industry security standards including PCI DSS.
  • Possibility to add additional services such as online payments.


  • Offer customers more payment convenience.
  • Chip and PIN technology helps reduce risk of fraud for you and your customers.
  • Quickly process credit and debit card payments at the point of sale Sign up today for first class payment solutions and start accepting card payments.
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Our Services

  • You do not need any credit score or rating
  • Pay as you go service
  • No business bank account required
  • Banking facilities provided by GMS
  • Funds can be settled to your business account, suppliers or even to a prepaid card provided by GMS
  • Low price guarantee
  • Full online visibility of each of your transactions with mobile and web app provided by GMS

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We offer reporting tools that enable you to better understand and optimise your business performance. You’ll also have access to a UK-based support team that understands your needs as well as the peace of mind that comes from choosing a global leader in the payments gateway industry.

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